A Tool of Business Leadership for Engineers – Personality Development Plan

Executive Summary- Leadership development is a great paramount to be aspired by all managers, and executives. The leadership style that’s suits best in this time is crisis leadership facing the covid19 pandemic. This personal development plan is going to showcase my present scenario along with the prospective future prospects. I am going to make my personality development plan using the skills I learned in this course. I will use some of my personal examples, and the literature available on leadership. Critical aspects going to be used are Emotional & Social Intelligence, Honesty, Integrity & ethics, and the role of credibility. A complete action plan is also included to lead the comparison of my present & future prospects using the authentic leadership style.

Introduction : The topic of Leadership is of vital importance to managers, executives in all over the world (Day, 2001). In these unprecedented times of covid19, crisis leadership is the most sought out. Leader development contains various aspects like interpersonal skills, capital while leadership development is more than these skills & competencies (Day, 2001).

This PDP is going to frame my current prospects using some key factors and guide me towards the ongoing future development prospects.

The ways that I am going to implement are:

Emotional & Social Intelligence
Honesty, Integrity & ethics
The role of credibility

My Current situation, I am going to explore using the tools of leadership development. Academic literature is taken as a reference.

My Future Situation is dependent on the measures, I am going to take as per the assessment shown under mu current situation.
Action plan is going to show the strategy that I thought to make my future prospects the reality.

Current Situation :
My name is Bhupender Sharma, I am an assistant professor in the department of mechanical engineering. I have an experience of more than 8 years in academics. I am a part of the university under the mechanical engineering department. My timings are from morning 08:45 to 04:30 in the evening.
Unmarried, so no special non work commitments.

Instruments Used :
a) SWOT analysis: It provided me the strengths like Honesty, ethics, Prudence. Weaknesses are also identified like biasness during judgment. Results are compared with MBTI category of ISTJ, specially putting emphasis on social intelligence. Social intelligence is an element of leadership sought by recruiters for CEO, s (Fitzsimmons & Callan, 2016).

b) Self Reflection based test I got this reflection from the work that I did in the university. First is the MOOCS content delivery, the new paradigm of online learning. Second the culture festival integration with the students at various events. These reflections proposes a confidence & credibility through work life balance, an important ingredient to become successful (Roberts, Spreitzer, Heaphy, & Quinn, 2005)

c) Johari Windows : Relationship needed authentic leadership when crisis are underneath. Authentic leadership is characterized by Honesty, openness & Trust (William L. Gardner, Avolio, Luthans, May & Walumba, 2005).

d) Future Forecasting : It represents the dilemma of multiversity; the present is perplexed with a lot of options to research on various topics. The future is based on the correct & appropriate choice as the digitalization is on the boom due to Covid crisis. Online learning must have to consider a prominent source of imparting the education.

Themes to be concentrated:

1. Emotional & Social Intelligence
It has a great importance to connect along with the students; Emotional quotient makes them more receptive towards the studies. Emotional & social intelligence becomes more important & vital as the role migrates from academics to managerial (Boyatzis, 2011; Boyatzis, Smith, Van Costen, & Woolford, 2013). Social & Emotional intelligence can be practiced by taking the feelings of the students into the consideration.

2. Honesty, Integrity & Ethics :
Honesty is the key fundamental of working in the managerial position, Leadership development arises the need of honesty among the followers. Integrity & ethics are the core fundamentals needed to develop the charismatic style of leadership. The aspects of availability & visibility embed the trust among the students as well as the follow staff.

3. The role of credibility
The ability of resilience, coping the unwanted pressures, reflected me the role of credibility of an individual in an organization. This credibility is needed for the sustain zing in the organization. Credibility makes you feel optimistic & confident even the environment doesn’t show the positivenes. I got this feedback from my fellows during the pandemic era of covid19 that the vitality of functioning of the credible persons in an organization doesn’t change under critical circumstances.

Future Prospects :
My future prospects as a visionary leader in the field of academics, as the style of learning changed in this era of covid19, online education is on the horizon of success. It has opened a new path to the educators as well as the students to gain the advantage of flexibility in the curriculum of the studies.

Mr. Bhupendra Sharma

I see myself as a maker of the framework needed to impart this blend of learning. The future prospects are vital in this field along with research.

Action Plan :




Mitigation  Measures

Emotional & Social Intelligence

1.     I regularly practice exercise on mindfulness & social Engineering.

University is supportive

Department is Willing to Contribute

I want to indulge my entire department to take up the benefit.

2.     I regularly write Journal


Difficult to review in next month

Put a specific date of review.





Mitigation  Measures

Honesty, Integrity & Ethics

1.     Ethics & values as learned from leadership are applied.

Nice response by the peers

Biasing comes during judgment

Self reflection & Perspective change reduces biasing during judgment

2.     Written documentation of every work


Resistance by peers

Proper Acknowledgement of the Process 

This personality development program is a outline that shows the transition from my current state to the prospected future state. The competencies used in this PDP are Hoensty, Integrity & Ethics, and Role of Credibility along with social & emotional intelligence. Academic literature supports the action plan measures taken to improve the prospects like strength & weaknesses. Action plan if implemented properly will lead me to a position of academic leader in the field of digital education following the charismatic style of the leadership.

Avolio, B. J., & Gardner, W. L. (2 00 5). Authentic leadership development: Getting to the root of positive forms of leadership. Leadership Quarterly, 16(3), 315- 338.
https:/ / doi.org/10.1016/j.leaqua.2005 .03.001

Mr. Bhupendra Sharma, Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, Career Point University, Kota

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