!!Always Count on Gratitude, Not Attitude!!

What is the true meaning of gratitude?
The people who are thankful for each and every day of what life gives to you, are the happiest of all. If you ever find yourself in a situation that makes you think that life has been unfair to you then always remember these things to feel grateful.

Remember about your blessings- your loved ones always care about you and there are so many people who come into your life who give you blessings as an example that if you are kind and help others they always appreciate humanity and pray for your betterment and give you blessings.

Always keep a count on your blessings and be grateful for how much you are blessed.

To show gratitude you should remember three things that you are grateful for each day. You can choose any thing which is close to you or something which is constant in your life which you are grateful for.

The other thing which is also important is to never underestimate yourself .Take time and remember all the great things that make you and be grateful for yourself.

Always have a positive attitude and be grateful for everything :-
Your attitude defines your behavior and the way you respond in your surroundings.Despite the consequences one should always possess a positive attitude.

Some people show their attitudes to protect their egos, resulting in depicting the negative attitude. These kinds of people never understand the true worth of gratitude as they keep themselves above all, they don’t know the values of kindness and humanity.

One should always be thankful towards those who did something for them. They should express gratitude to them for supporting you. It is not something that you have to pay back, it’s just the outcome of the kindness of nature and human behavior. Counting on gratitude rather than attitude spreads happiness and positivity.

Ms. Sonalika Sharma, VI Sem.- BCA, School of Computer Applications, Career Point University, Kota

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