Are There Any Positive Aspects of Pandemic?

Introduction- You can conquer the world , if you can find positivity in the ocean of negativity. In 2020, entire world was struck by Corona virus and human race was locked down. Sitting idle and doom scrolling , filled our minds with insecurities. But in spite of all these negative events, there were many positive and good things that happened but seeped out of your view of realization. If you are struggling to feel that positive vibe in your life, check the content below and look back at your life to find out what things have changed for better.

1. Toxicity is miles away :- Admit it or not , we all have toxic people around us and no matter how much we try to get rid of them, our paths clash. Lockdown ensured distance from those negative brains, at least in person if not virtually.

2. Family is really close : In all these years of constant switching in between different schedules, have you ever felt that you actually come home just to eat and sleep. And, family is all about living under one roof without any real communication. Well, many of us have felt this a lot many times. When locked down at one place with no major work to do or place to go, all that happened was we came close to our real family instead of virtual ones. And those closed pots of unspoken feelings finally started to open up . We realized how much our family matters, and in this time of social distancing they are the ones who stand close.

3. Power of nature :- No matter to what heights human reach, no matter what technologies he develop or medical advancements he make. All of this is futile in front of nature. Nature has leniency and tolerance but also has power to shut down humans and their vile deeds. It’s high time to realize the strength of nature, have respect and take care of it.

4. Realization of self :- Running constantly on the chariot of life, we actually forgot who we are, our purpose of life and what we actually desire. During lockdown we got time to face and analyze our true self. A time to get the clear vision of our dreams and work on stuffs we all had been planning since long but never got time . All those forgotten hobbies, unpolished skills , that hidden fashionista, recipe that you wanted to bring on plate , we got time to turn in reality what was stored in brains since long. And it’s a blessing!!!

5. Humanity outstand all :- Let’s be honest, during pandemic all that we wanted was to be with our family and ensure their safety. But even during this catastrophe, there were people who kept their safety at stake, stayed away from their families and served the human race setting an outstanding example of HUMANITY.
It’s obvious to take care of your family , but do not forget to play your part of serving the humanity. It feels great!!!

CONCLUSION:- In this vast world, all that matters is your perspective. And no matter where you are, there is always something positive happening to inspire. So, keep your spirits high, stay inspired and enjoy the beauty of this uncertain journey called - LIFE.

Ms. Juhi Vaishnav, 8th Semester, School of Agriculture Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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