Bio Fertilizer

Introduction- Organism that helps to enrich soil quality and increase soil fertility by their biological activity are bio fertilizer. Main source of bio fertilizer are bacteria, fungi, cyanobacteria. They are much effective then chemical fertilizer like urea.

Bio fertilizer inoculants containing one or more beneficial microbes in viable state such as seed, root dip And soil application. There are several benefits of application of bio fertilizer such as nutrient fixation in root zone, biological control of plant pathogen etc.

Advantages of bio fertilizer: –

  • Bio fertilizer reduce dependence upon expensive petroleum sources of chemical fertilizers.
  • Bio fertilizers helps plants develop stronger root system and grow better.
  • The improvement in soil texture and quality helps plants grow batter during periods of drought.
  • They are eco-friendly.

Disadvantages of bio fertilizer: –

  • Must be used before their expiry date.
  • More sensitive to stressful condition.
  • Cool temperatures for storage.
  • Bio fertilizers lose their effectiveness if the soil is too hot or dry.

Some bio fertilizers are: –
1. Rhizobium
2. Azospirilum
3. Azotobacter
The main source of bio fertilizers includes bacteria cyanobacteria and fungi.

Ms. Divya Chauhan, B.Sc. II Year, School of Agricultural Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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