1. Research and Development: After completing the course, you can join this field. In this field, the work is mainly related to design, development and synthesis (or isolation of drugs from plants) of new medicinal agents. There is huge demand in this field in India with expertise in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

2. Quality Control : Testing, Evaluation, physical examination of medicines and their raw drugs is done in this department. In this field, we use one instrument HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) for the purpose of testing, estimation and analysis of drugs. Our college provides this (HPLC) facility to the students to develop their skills during laboratory practical.

3. Quality Assurance : After completing the course, joining in Quality assurance department in different drug manufacturing industries, you have expertise to assure the quality of the drug which manufactured and after you assuring for quality, the medicine goes to market for selling. In this field, there is a regulatory department who is responsible for control and regulation for quality of the drug and receive certification from different organization such as WHO, USFDA, MHRA etc.

4. UPSC/State PSC/Drug Controller/ONGC /CSIR/ NIPER /CDRI: After completing the course you are eligible for Govt. Inspector or Drug Controller and ONGC (in Govt. organizations) and various posts in above mentioned Govt. organizations.

5. Production, Marketing and Sales : After complete knowledge of this course you can also join the Pharmaceutical companies for production, marketing and sales department.

6. Abroad Jobs : In abroad, there is a scarcity of Pharmaceutical Professional in Pharmaceutical industries. You can also join Pharmaceutical companies in abroad.

7.Teaching : You can also join teaching in Govt. and Private organizations.

8.Food/Nutraceutical/Cosmetic Industries : You can join as a Pharmaceutical professional in Food/Nutraceutical/Cosmetic Industries also Such as Hindustan Lever, Dabur, and Himalaya, Himami and many more.

9. Patent analytics

10. Scientific data entry specialist

Prof.(Dr) M. K. Gupta, Dean, School of Pharmacy, Career Point University, Kota


  1. Quality control of Drug in Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Design are inventive,empirical,rational approach, therapeutic efficacy,logical specific action and tremendous increase subject worldwide and highly demanding and cover Pharmacology,Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry , Microbiology & Biochemistry .MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry is Combination of all these so I choose this subject.

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