Caring Tips For Plants in Monsoon

Introduction- The monsoon clouds have started looming over the sky and the scorching summer heat has slowly started subsiding. Yes the Rainy season is on its way!. This is the best time for beautiful greenery in your garden, backyard, balcony or even terrace garden. The plants are benefited not only by the rains but also the fresh and cool breeze with healthy air circulation around your plants and also the optimum humidity in the air which acts as a boon for our plants.
When it comes to Home gardening specially container gardening, we will quickly run through top 11 tips to follow during monsoon and rains:

Apart from seeing the water flowing out of the drainage holes, make sure you insert a sharp pointed tool like a screw driver into the drainage hole and make sure its open.
This is a very important care tip in rainy season because stagnant water can rot the roots of the plant easily and this is the high time for fungus attacks.
This also helps in breeding of mosquitoes and diseases like dengue. Hence, rain water during the monsoon should be drained out completely as much as possible.

Do not water the plants during the monsoon season unless the soil has turned dry or the leaves have started wilting. Remember this line “OVERWATERING IS THE MOST COMMON PLANT KILLER AND NOT UNDER WATERING”.

3. SOIL: A well draining soil is indispensable for plants especially in rainy season. This is the reason we required to prepare a well draining soil for each and every plant during repotting.

4. Earthworms:
Earthworms are the gardener’s best friends and we can called them as Robots of Garden.

5. Protect Young Plants:
Protect Young Plants that is Saplings and seedlings from Rain. These plants which are too fragile should be sheltered adequately to protect them from the rains.

6. This Point is interesting:
Frogs and toads should be allowed in the garden during the monsoon. These are insect eaters and help the garden to be free from these insects – that’s one way of biological control.

7. Pruning and deadheading:
It is important just before monsoon for most plants. This helps the fresh shoots to grow and increase branching and growth.

8. Fertilizers:
It is better to use natural fertilizers than chemicals for plants during monsoon. Also the requirement increases not only because of plant growth season but also due to rain, there is frequent wash out of applied fertilizers.

9. For ground gardening:
Preparing raised beds is so beneficial, water will never stagnate. For container gardening and ground gardening, make sure you do not have pits around your plants and try to fill it with mulch or try to level it or make it slopy or flat.

10. Never walk on wet soil:
Don’t walk on wet soil especially clay. The footprints that get left on the soil are an evidence compression of soil during the monsoon season. They pack the soil particles tightly and squeeze out necessary oxygen.

Conclusion :- The tips related to home gardening are very easy to follow and many would be actually putting them into practice. But due to hectic work, lack of time and energy, people find it difficult to follow the actual schedule required to maintain a flowering and lush green garden at home. However, if we make it a routine to devote at-least one hour daily to gardening, especially during the monsoon season, we can have the most beautiful garden in the town. The gardening tools should be selected properly to have a less tiring work at the garden. Monsoon is the right time to try to get into indoor gardening if there is no space for a lawn or backyard space.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Maurya, M.Sc- II Sem., School of Agricultural Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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