Don’t Question Your Abilities !!

What is self-worth?
Self-worth is believing in yourself and valuing your abilities that what you can do and have faith in yourself. There are many self words that describe ourselves like self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-care, etc… which combine to give the pure meaning to understand the importance of self-worth.

Why do you doubt your abilities? T
“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.” — K.T. Witten
When some people face the consequences of failures in life then they tend to question and doubt their abilities. For example, if a student gets lesser marks or they fails in their exams they think their abilities are waste and they can’t do it and all and end up on giving up on their lives which is truly wrong.

Don’t question your abilities and never let your failures ruin your inner self. Work on it and overcome it. We need to learn to ignore what other people say and know your abilities. Never compare your abilities with others and always learn from the mistakes and keep doing better.

How to overcome self doubts?
1. Slow Down – Never rush towards your goals and success. You need to slow down and give time to each and every process on the path of success.

2. Own Your Strengths- Believe in yourself, worth your abilities and strengths. Have faith in your things that you can do it with perfection and full of confidence.

3. Always Keep Getting Better – Never judge your work negatively and don’t lower your self confidence, always keep learning from your mistakes and overcome that fear by always doing it better.

4. Be Kind and Love Yourself – Never expect from others that they will always praise you or give any kind of appreciation. You need to love yourself and value your abilities.

5. Enjoy Your Life – Last but not least, always enjoy every process and phase of life whether it’s good or bad. When it is good it will make you happy or when it is bad, it will help you to learn something from that.

Ms. Sonalika Sharma, BCA VI, School of Computer Applications, Career Point University, Kota

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