Engineering Mathematics in Science and Technology

Introduction- Engineering mathematics is an art of applying maths to complex real-world problems; combining mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to deal with today’s technological challenges.

Mathematics has always been one of the most fearsome subjects to study and the students are always stressed with a fear factor related to mathematics. Though, “Practice makes a man perfect” holds true in many ways including studies. Mathematics is too complicated for the majority of students. In engineering, there are several branches like CSE, EE, ME, etc. and every branch has a different study set focused on the importance of mathematics.

Mathematics is a tool and Engineer is a user. Mathematics is the Queen of Science and Engineering. It also can be said that mathematics is the bone structure and engineering is the human body.

Consider Mathematics as the language of Science, Technology and Engineering. And it’s said that without mathematics there can be neither Science nor Engineering. Mathematics has been successfully used in the development of science and technology in the 20th and 21st Century. The areas like Advanced Semiconductor Devices, Biotechnology, Digital Image Technology, Nanotechnology, Artificial Satellites and Rockets all are based on Mathematical Concepts. The recent success of NASA’s Mars Rover is also additionally based on mathematics.

Mathematics has and will play a critical role in expanding fields of science and technology; also it is a basic requirement of research. It must be ready to quantify and accurately evaluate the results of advances in a field of endeavor.

Mathematics is also an Applied Science. Many mathematicians focus their attention on solving problems that originate within the world of experience. They too search for patterns and relationships, and in this process they use techniques that are similar to those used in doing purely theoretical mathematics.

Science and Mathematics are integral parts of engineering. Science teaches us about the laws of the natural world and mathematics helps us to determine relationships among different quantities. Both subjects are of great importance if you are planning to study engineering at university level. While in school, you must build a very strong understanding of science and mathematics because these are the foundations upon which your study is going to be based.

Mathematics and technology have also developed a fruitful relationship with one another. The mathematics of connections and logical chains, for instance, has contributed greatly to the designing of computer hardware and programming techniques. Mathematics also contributes to engineering, as in describing complex systems whose behavior can then be simulated by computer. In those simulations, design features and operating conditions are often varied as a way of finding optimum designs. For its part, computer technology has opened up whole new areas in mathematics, even within the very nature of proof, and it also continues to assist solve previously daunting problems.

The relationship between mathematics and the other fields of basic and applied science is particularly strong.
“An Engineer can be a Good and Successful one, only if he is Good in Mathematics”.

Dr. Hemlata Saxena, Professor of Mathematics, Career Point University, Kota

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