Introduction- Online Learning Is gaining popularity as sitting and listening to boring lectures in the classroom has slowly become a thing of the past. Digital Tech world has allowed students to learn anytime and anywhere. Additionally, with increasing introduction of gamification in courses makes learning interactive, fun and engaging thus making students to learn at their own.

Dose online Learning need a Human Touch?
Adding technology in the education world helps the learners of all ages in gaining knowledge but alone technology when not used correctly can have a detrimental effect on learning. Taking away the social element can make students feel like they are simply using software and are not a part of an education system. This can lead to feeling of isolation which in turn reduces engagement, motivation, retention and satisfaction level. Institution and instructors can do more with the online tools available. Instructor makes the tools more effective by their skills and expertise in teaching. Demand in technology doesn’t mean that traditional teaching values like creating –engaging in relevant course content, opening consistent communication lines doesn’t matter. The meaningful interactions between mentor and students are still vital.

The role of a mentor in E-Learning :-
Even with the available e-learning material, learners need the support of mentors to fully grasp the concept and practical applications.
1. Mentors available through virtual platform support their students in managing their e-learning anywhere and anytime.
2. Absence of any social status or behavioral expectations in online communication between learners and mentors, allows the learner to question their doubts or queries regarding their topics.
3. Mentor is the one who imparts knowledge, good values, traditions, modern day challenges and suggest ways to resolve them within the students.
4. Also, immediate feedback of the promptly provided services to the students is viewed as an important component in e-learning.

Hence, introducing a mentor in e-learning is truly beneficial for the overall learning impact. Digital disruption won’t make teachers obsolete. Quality of content provided by teachers and institutes will always remain a priority. Also, face to face interactions will continue to hold a strong presence in education and if combined with Digital EdTech, it can do wonders for both students and teachers.

Dr. Fauzia Nafees, Assistant Professor, School of Commerce & Management, Career Point University, Kota

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