Introduction- Digitalisation has improved the world and has given a new way of living. Time is running very fast and it’s the need of time that we should also work according to time. Everything is becoming online like online transactions, online shopping, online movies, work from home, online study etc. In such a situation we need to be updated and organised accordingly.

Online Classes are playing a major role towards the study and learning of children. It is required that students must understand the importance of studies as it will decide their future careers and for this they need to be punctual now. Online Classes are going on all around the world but it depends on an individual that how much he/ she is gaining from it. Students must be sincere and punctual while learning otherwise it will not be as fruitful as it is supposed to be.

Here are the following ways to make a class beneficial:-
1. Understanding the concept: It is an essential point that student must be prepared for the topic which is going to be taught in class. He/ She must be aware of what the teacher is teaching and should attentively listen and understand the concepts.

Asking/Interacting with the Teacher :Studying is not just about listening but its about analyzing, understanding and recognizing the chapter. So students must Interact with the teacher to clear the concept and also should ask queries to clear all doubts. It has one more benefit that teacher gets to know that how much a student is understanding and they make more ways to clear student’s concept.

Organize :Like offline classes student should keep all the stationary and books while studying in an online class. One must have all the essential thing to avoid disturbance while learning. Students should make daily notes of what teacher has taught as it will be helpful for revision.

Revise :Human has a nature of forgetting things and to avoid this in studies a student must daily, weekly revise the syllabus and also take self test for improvements.

Minimize the disturbance :While online studying there are many disturbances which need to be minimized for best results. Some things to remember for this are: Students must have proper place with full networks and least sound pollution. One must sit in a room where no one is there to disturb. All the things of distraction should be removed from there and one must concentrate peacefully.
So, online learning becomes beneficial if students take care of these points.

Ms. Poorva Soni, B.Sc.+ B.Ed., I Year, Basic & Applied Sciences, Career Point University, Kota


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