Human Brain : An Eternal Fascination

An Eternal Fascination :-
There is almost no difference when it comes to ideal functioning of human organs and their physiology. Still we the humans, have managed to come up with a huge and super prominent social diversity.
Like a drop of water makes the mighty ocean the same way an individual creates population diversity. And to be more specific, an individual brain creates the difference.

This blog will further try to intrigue you in brain functioning and facts.
But before that, if you belong to a non biological background, then there is some ice to be broken.
What makes us the most dominant species? Question yourself about the X Factor making humans distinguished from other species. The first thing to pop up would be emotions. But our pets also feel! So, the satisfactory answer would be feeling abstracts and self-consciousness till an extent it surpasses the self consciousness of other living organisms.

And here we are ready to go.
A human brain has 86 billion neurons which isn’t the greatest number as the African elephants have 257 billon neurons. But still we are the smartest which throws light on the fact that in evolutionary history of human brain, increased size is an important parameter but clearly not the only one responsible for our higher cognitive capacity.

But there is something more to be mentioned that from 86 billion neurons a significant amount of 16 billion are present in cerebral cortex which is the seat of awareness and cognitive capacity.

An Angle of Emotions:
Everything taken as an object has 360 angles to be looked at from. So has the brain. Let us look at it from an angle concerning emotions and connecting them with productivity.
You might have heard that our body responds to both physical and mental injuries in similar manner. But is it even true? And if it is, can you justify is scientifically?

So, apparently it’s not the body but the brain. Meeting an accident or facing a rejection ultimately results in drastically dropped productivity of an individual. Researches have proved that same area of brain: the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex get activated while one feels emotional breakdown or a physical injury.

So, the astonishing essence here is that our brain doesn’t differentiate between an actual injury and a self created situation, it reacts the same in both cases.
In past few decades, the term neuroendocrinology is changed and revised to psycho neuro endocrinology, which clearly reflects that psychology of an individual can alter the production and secretion of neurotransmitters also known as hormones.

Control your thoughts, conquer your ambitions:
Simplifying psychology, the definition we get is that it is science of mind and behavior. And both of them collectively construct thoughts.
Thoughts form an aura around you which is perceived by your brain and according to the perception created, your brain releases hormones, which make you to react the way you react.
So, in a nutshell, almost 80% of your experiences are themselves neutral unless your perception gives meaning to them.
The reality you assume about the world may not be the actual but it’s the most accurate scenario according to your brain.

And by mentioning this I want you to know that you should not underestimate what you think. As you will never know what your brain will assume.

‘What you think, you become.’ – Gautum Buddha.

Ms. Prajal Dadhich , B.Sc. B.Ed. Bio II Year , School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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