Learning with Technology

Introduction- Technology has the power to transform the Teaching and overall learning process. Internet has provided us with new models, open platforms and resources, This new way of learning is more personalizing and customizable; expands offered courses, materials, supports the learner 24/7 and also creates content which is more engaging, efficient, creative and accelerates the learning process.

New Ways Of Learning At Home :
The Covid-19 has resulted to shatter the Schools, Universities and traditional way of teaching. Globally more than 2 billion students are learning out of the classroom. Research suggests that online learning has increased the retention of information and can be taken anywhere. Even before Covid crisis there was a high growth and adoption in education technology.

1. Digital or Online Learning : OIn India many Education Institutions are providing opportunities like dual enrolment , summer training programs, internships and advanced placements courses. Which helps to get the practical exposure of the field.

2. Distance Learning Education : were already there in the Indian education system, can provide us the flexibility and balance our professional commitments. The technology has given us access to innovative global opportunities helps the learner to build profile and unmatchable skills.

3. Digital Marketing Course : Is fast emerging career as a top tier career choice. Students who exhibit creativity and want a self-made career can take the advantages of online certified courses.

Classroom Environment tends to group students together, which makes it difficult for the Teachers to isolate the learning deficiencies. The expansion of the technology and Internet has given learner a flexibility and convenience of learning from anywhere, recorded sessions, reduced expenses and a secured environment where we all are safe.

Mr. Karan Lekhwani, MBA IV Sem., School of Commerce & Management, Career Point University, Kota

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