Life Style Management During COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

Introduction- Pandemic diseases change the lifestyle of persons very much as far as their effects exists in Human behavior. It can be evident from the history of pandemic diseases. An endemic disease becomes pandemic when it extends to large region. Such diseases are Plague, Influenza, Cholera, Swine flu, COVID-19. Recently, India black fungus epidemic is reported which is a black fungus/COVID associated Mucormycotic.
Under such conditions one has to work very cautiously to earn and live a healthy life, after all, life is only important in life. The basic needs of life are food, cloth, shelter and growth. Weak Immunity is the common reason among all the pandemic diseases. Now-a-days, during COVID-19 pandemic situation Immunity boosters are in huge demand. Such boosters are exercises, healthy food, fortified foods and nutraceuticals.

Exercises Maintenance of Basal metabolic rate and oxygen level is essential part of Homeostasis. Mild to moderate exercises includes brisk walking, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation plays a significant role in enhancing the simulative response of cell to produce the desired hormones and neurotransmitters.

Healthy Foods It include fresh vegetable, salads and fruits which should be very cautiously washed just after purchase. A balance diet of essential nutrients should be included, without fast foods, cold drinks and ice creams, especially for routine basis. In case of Diabetes and Hypertension, the diet charts should be followed completely which included sprouted grains, corn flakes, milk and medicated water containing fennel, ajwain, cumin seeds during the breakfast. Lunch and dinner should consist of boiled vegetables with less spicy flavor, so that it is easy to metabolise.

Fortified Foods It include green tea, foods containing tulsi, bhrami, ashwagandha, and other items like multigrain flour containing wheat, maize, oats, ragi, soya bean, grams should be used. Ashwagandha reduces stress and anxiety due to which it included in various food items. Green tea also contains anti-aging properties.

Nutraceuticals It includes the products enrich in minerals, vitamins and proteins are recommended during prophylaxis and recovery periods. In this category Vitamin C is in significant demand as it is a very good antioxidant. Protein rich diets are suggested for the person for better strength in the body. Products containing calcium, iron and zinc are very much prescribed.

Herbal Medicines It includes the use of Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi are found to be effective in prophylaxis and treatment, whereas, arjun, kalmegh, gokhru are used in recovery time period. Herbal decoctions of Giloy, dalchini, arjun, gokhru, ashwagandha are generally used. The Chyawanprash which is generally prescribed in winters, is prescribed in summer, during COVID 19 pandemic due to the symptoms of cough and cold. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, is generally prescribed.

Allopathic System As per the guidelines of WHO vaccination is compulsory for each person above the age of 18 years. COVAXIN, COVISHEILD, SPUTUNIK are the brands available. Symptomatic treatment is prescribed in which paracetamol, azithromycin, Vitamin C, Doxycycline, tobramycin, remdesivir are the drugs which are in current use according to the severity of disease under medical supervision only.

Social Behavior During the COVID 19 situation, the Human behavior is very much changed. The use of Mask and sanitizer becomes the essential part of routine work out. The social distancing at work place, marketing and gathering are need to be strictly followed because it is the only weapon which can break the transmission chain, otherwise, anytime, the conditions may be worsen. In this way, to run the economy efficiently, we have to unlock and work properly according to the guidelines provided.

Mr. Abhishek Nagar, Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy, Career Point University, Kota

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