Introduction- There is intense aggravation and supposition around the multidisciplinary field Nanopharmaceuticals, this relay over to Nanomedicine which is the application of Nanotechnology to healthcare sector. Moreover it helps to enhance the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the drug design, formulation and delivery of therapeutics. Nanopharmaceuticals are used in the drug delivery as carrier for therapeutic compound. Nanopharmaceuticals particles sizes ranges less than 1micron which helps to evolved as drug delivery system or biologically active drug products.

Nanopharmaceuticals and Nanomedicine:- In Nanomedicine or health science field Nanopharmaceuticals are relatively new class of therapeutic, which accommodate nanomaterials that commonly have unique “Nanoparticle(physicochemical properties). Nanoparticle are deliberate for a broad spectrum of clinical therapeutic applications with the potential to target a specific organ or tissue site.

Nanopharmaceuticals as Drug –Delivery:- An enduring issue in the drug industry is the difficulty to deliver the precise dose of a definite active agent to a specific disease site. Because, this is unachievable, active agents have to be administered in more high doses. Thus, increasing the odds of vireos side effects.
The idea of site-specific delivery of a therapeutic comes from this classic drawback of traditional therapeutics, Nanopharmaceuticals have immense potential in addressing this failure of traditional therapeutics they offer site of different targeting of active agents. Such exactitude targeting via Nanopharmaceuticals will reduce vireos systemic side effects resulting in better patient conformity.

Nanopharmaceuticals and Nanotechnology:- some list of nanostructures variegated nanopharmaceuticals are different in shape, sizes, and chemical composition.
❖ Silica-gold Nanoshell.
❖ Polymeric Micelle.
❖ Nano-Liposome.
❖ Dendrimer.

Silica-Gold Nanoshell:- Silica-Gold Nanoshell are Nanoparticle comprise of a nanoscale silica core enfold by an ultra thin gold shell. In cancer thermal therapy gold Nanoshell with solid silica care are used. Silica-Gold Nanoshell have preferable photochemical stability in amalgamation with transcendent spectroscopy application, to wit optical coherence tomography, reflectance spectroscopy, Dark-field and two photon microscopy.

Polymeric- Micelles:- These are Nanoscopic core or either cell structure formed by amphiphillic block copolymers. Polymeric micelles are extensively used as drug-delivery purposes. They are carriers for the delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs, such as (PEG) (high water soluble) non-toxic and neutrally charged.

Nano-Liposome:- This Nanostructures are New technology for the encapsulation and delivery of bioactive agents. It has submicron bilayer lipid vesicle. The bioactive material can be incorporated to Nano liposomes, ranging from pharmaceutical to cosmetics and Nutraceuticals.

Dendrimers:- These Nanostructures are branched polymeric Nanoparticle Molecules or highly ordered. Several applications of dendrimers are used in pharmaceutical and biomedical field, such as( PAMAM dendrimers) used for gene delivery and delivery of diagnostic agents.

Mr. Subham Kumar, B.Pharma – IV Sem., School of Pharmacy, Career Point University, Kota

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