Introduction- Actinic keratosis is a rough, scaly patch on the skin caused by years of sun exposure. It is also known as solar keratosis. Actinic keratosis occurs when skin cells called keratinocytes start to grow abnormally, forming scaly, discolored spots. It mainly forms on the face, lips, ears, back of hands, forearms, scalp and neck. The scaly skin patch enlarges slowly.

They are not cancerous initially, but a small fraction of them can develop into skin cancer. Actinic keratosis (AK) is the most common precancer condition . So, it’s timely treatment is necessary. There are natural ways that we can use to cure Actinic keratosis at early phase.

1) Kanuka Honey :- apply directly on affected area.

2) Green Tea Bag :- dip the bag in warm water and keep on affected area until all water dries.

3) Coconut Oil :- apply directly on affected area.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar :- Dip a cotton ball and apply on affected area.

5) Aloe Vera Gel :- Apply directly on affected area.

6. St. John’s Wort Extract :- It should be used with doctor’s prescription.

7. Turmeric :- can be taken orally and applied in paste form on affected area.

8. Grape Seed Extract:- Should be used with doctor’s prescription.

9. Tea Tree Oil :- Apply directly on affected area.

However, you should have your spots examined by a doctor promptly if you notice any of the following changes:
– Hardening of the lesion
– Inflammation
– Rapid enlargement
– Bleeding
– Redness
– Ulceration

1. Prevent prolonged sun exposure.
2. Always use sunscreen.
3. Wear full length clothes while working in sunlight.
4. Immediately consult your doctor if symptoms are found.

Ms. Juhi Vaishnav, IV Year, B.Sc., School of Agricultural Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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