“Pandemic and Indian Society”

Selected Blog from Blog Writing Competition Activity – 20 Feb, 2021
Introduction- As we all know that Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. The whole world is affected by the pandemic whether it can be socially, economically and in many other aspects.
We can see that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways. Of the several implications on humanity, the issues of health, the rapid decline of economy, shortage of medicines, sanitizers, masks, and other essentials, poverty, unemployment has undoubtedly taken center stage and each has left a mark on the lives of people.

Impact on Indian Society :
The impact of the pandemic is visible across the sectors globally, but its impact on marginalized sections, women and children has been immense in India. This crisis is going to affect economy as never before leading to massive psycho-social impacts as well.
Unemployment has rendered a large section as directionless, leaving the social health as well as economy in shambles. The crisis increased the emergence and increased visibility of inspiring social economy, showcasing their positive contributions in empowering people, reinforcing place-based dynamics and reshaping enterprises and territories.
Reports of racism against the Chinese and other Asians elsewhere around the world and calling it a Chinese virus, showed the deteriorated levels of sensitivity among the world population. Realizing that viruses such as COVID-19 do not have race, nationality, or boundary is very important.
And some positive impact are also there on environment and society. Wildlife got rejuvenated and environment get a new life. And there is also a decline in the crime rate.

Conclusion : As a coin have two sides. This pandemic have also the both positive as well ad negative impact. This pandemic taught us many lessons for our life. Hope is a thing that we should never lose.

Mr. Kaif Abid, BBA+LLB-IV Sem., Career Point University, Kota

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