Ranorex Studio-Functional UI Test Automation

Introduction- Ranorex Studio is an all-purpose and among the most popular codeless testing tools for both professionals and beginners. This is a perfect tool to automate mobile, web-based, and desktop apps without having the need for a scripting language to automate the app. Ranorex mainly uses standard programming languages like C# & VB.NET. Ranorex Studio is a very powerful tool to automate tests for web applications, standalone and mobile applications. t is simple enough to use that even non-coders will be able to create tests without hurdles.

It supports all technologies (.Net, Java, Flex, HTML) and can be used for different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and mobile applications (Android, iOS).The main component of this tool Ranorex Studio, which includes the Ranorex Recorder, object repository, Ranorex Spy, code editor, and debugger in a single environment. In this tutorial, we will cover the most important topics which include Ranorex License, Studio, Recorder, Spy, Repository, Creating the First Project, Creating a Recording Module and Executing the Test.

You can use the drag-&-drop User Interface objects, capture-&-replay tool, and code modules to automate regression testing using this tool. Ranorex also allows testers to generate modular automation scripts that are maintainable and effective, irrespective of programming expertise. The Ranorex core API is incorporated with Se (Selenium) WebDriver; hence one can easily deliver cross browser testing on a Selenium Grid.

Core Features :-

  • Codeless automated testing means executing automation testing without using any script. Writing automated scripts could be challenging for QA engineers as the code required to be written in every suitable programming language is arduous and time-consuming.
  • With codeless automated testing, you can minimize the testing time over repetitive test cases without any coding efforts. There are many codeless testing tools available in the market, which encompass a set of built-in features without any complicated coding. Some of the significant features include.
  • Drag and Drop interface.
  • Record and Playback.
  • Integrations of ML or AI technologies.
  • Lower maintenance.

Note – With broad technology support and advanced features, Ranorex studio is the regression testing solution.
Automate even the most challenging test cases with Ranorex Studio-
Ranorex Studio supports technologies from legacy desktop applications to ones built for the latest mobile devices and web platforms. Features such as data-driven and keyword-driven testing, conditional execution, nested loops, and soft assertions help solve even the most difficult automation challenges.

Reliable GUI object recognition and management-
Matchless GUI object recognition helps build stable tests. Search for multiple UI elements, identify controls with specific attributes, recognize related elements by preceding- and following-sibling relationships, create snapshot files, and more. Easily manage and share identified UI elements in the Ranorex object repository.

Codeless automation empowers everyone on the team –
Use Ranorex Studio’s powerful capture-and-replay functionality to automate test cases, add field validations and capture screenshots without coding. Drag-and-drop GUI elements or user code modules into recorded actions. Easily build data-driven tests with parameters or conditions for maximum efficiency.

Scalable test execution in parallel or distributed on a Selenium grid –
Use the Ranorex Parallel Runner to run tests in parallel on physical or virtual servers. Or, use Ranorex Studio’s deep integration with Selenium to distribute test execution to multiple Selenium nodes. Define custom test run configurations for your cross-browser regression tests, conduct data-driven testing, and generate robust test reports.

Full development environment and API for test automation engineers –
Our full IDE for C# and VB.NET includes productivity features such as intelligent code completion, tools for debugging and refactoring, automation helpers, and more. Boost team productivity by creating and sharing automation modules as user code collections and methods.

Comprehensive and customizable regression test reporting –
Review test results with an easy-to-read test run report that includes screenshots and detailed error logs. Customize the report as desired, save it as a PDF and forward it as an email attachment. Reduce debugging time by jumping to a failed test step directly from a test report, or use the maintenance mode to repair failing tests on the fly.

Mr. Arshad Hussain, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Applications, Career Point University, Kota

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