Introduction- Corona virus disease (Covid-19) was, declared a global pandemic by the WHO on 11th march 2020, which has passed innumerable challenges for the medical fraternity.
To overcome these obstacles healthcare professional, engineers & industries like robotics, AI, 3D printing, Internet of medical things, health care 4.0 etc.., are coming up with innovation that can assist them in administering critical care to covid patients, restart health services for Non-Covid patients, and combat the spread of the disease.

Advanced Telemedicine:- It is provide with the help of great platform like Amwell & DocsApp for increment in primary care, urgent care & to improve collaboration with clinics and multispecialty hospitals.

Nano-Medicine:- it is the medical application of nanotechnology.

5G – Enabled Devices:- it bring wider bandwidths by expanding the usage of spectrum resources & it works with 1-millisecond latency.

Tricorders:- it is a medical technology’s version of the flying car. Very helpful for diagnosis purpose.

Healthcare’s Digital Assistance:- like mobile application such as Alexa, Google etc.

Smarter Pacemaker:- it monitors all heart activity, nowadays – allowing patients, for the first time it can be possible to use their own smart device for monitoring purposes.

A Lab on a CHIP:- its appearance like a credit card & it deliver covid test’s result in just 30 mins.

Telehealth:- Consultancy and protocol deliver with help of video or conferencing mobile application.

These articles are narrative review of the developments in the field of robotics & AI, improvements in ventilators & critical care facilities & the need of such innovation. Finally, humans, including patients, care-givers & health care workers, should be at the centre of smart & connected health care in both research & practice.

Ms. Harshika Gupta, BPT-IV Year, Department of Physiotherapy, Career Point University, Kota

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