Introduction- Drug storage is among the pharmacist’s most important responsibility. This study emphasizes the importance of proper storage of pharmaceutical product in pharmacy premises till it reaches the consumer. Loss of potency during storage may influence efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical products are to be stored under conditions that prevent contamination and deterioration of product. Factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, time and production can have important impact on final product. Appropriate condition of light, humidity, ventilation, temperature and security should be ensure. The product should be protected from contamination, sunlight, ultraviolet rays , moisture, extreme temperature.

Pharmaceutical product should be placed in well closed container that protect the product content from contamination by solid, liquid and vapors and loss of product under normal condition of handling and storage.

Storage Condition Under Temperature :-
Room temperature is at 20 -25 °c
Cool storage condition is at 8 to 15 °c
Cold storage condition is at 2 to 8°c
Fridge storage condition is at -4 to 2°c .

Storage Condition on Label:- All the drugs should be stored according to conditions described in label. In that label there should be written storage condition such as store in cool place and prevent from light and moisture or keep the product in cool and dark dry place. Now a days people does not understand the condition or the concept of storage, they keep their medication or any prescribed pharmaceutical product anywhere without knowing the storage condition which can cause Contamination/deterioration of product can cause illness and may be fatal too. So it is Necessary that label should be written on that particular products just to prevent that product from contamination.

STORAGE OF TABLETS :- Keep in dry dark place. Keep in cool , protected from sunlight and moisture.

STORAGE OF CAPSULES :-Keep in cool , protected from sunlight and moisture.

STORAGE OF SUSPENSION :-Keep in cool and dry place, protected from sunlight and heat. Suspension should not be kept in refrigerator, freezing at very low temperature may lead to aggregation of suspended particle.

STORAGE OF EMULSION :-Keep in air tight container, cool and protected from sunlight and high and low temperature.

STORAGE OF ORAL DROPS :-Keep in cool, dry, dark place, protected from sunlight and high and low temperature.

STORAGE OF SYRUP :-Keep in cool ,dry and dark places, protected from sunlight and high temperature.

STORAGE OF INJECTION :-Store below 30°c protected from sunlight and storage below 25°c protected from sunlight. Injection are very temperature sensitive as they get high temperature, light or humidity their potency and pharmacological actions decrease. For example INSULIN is sensitive to extreme temperature and sunlight . Improper storage of insulin decreases the potency and pharmacological actions, so should be stored under refrigerator 2 -8°c .

STORAGE OF VACCINE :-Vaccines are biological substance that may lose their effectiveness quickly if they become too hot or too cold at any time especially during drug transport. The vaccine should be stored in their original packaging until point of use to protect them from sunlight and temperature.

Ms. Parul Vyas, IV Sem.- B Pharma, School of Pharmacy, Career Point University, Kota

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