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What is Cloud Computing?- Cloud computing is all about using a remote server, to store, manage, and process data, instead of a local server/ personal computer.

What is CRM ? CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is a kind of software that store customer contact information like name, address, age, phone number. It also keeps tracks of customer activity like websites visit, number of outgoing and incoming phone calls, email, and more.

What is Salesforce ?
• Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer-Relationship Management(CRM) software for managing customer relationship and integration with other system.
• This SaaS (software as a services) tool helps to create custom solutions for marketing, sales, services and ecommerce as per business requirement.

History of Salesforce :-

  • It was founded in March 1999 by ex-Oracle employee Marc Benioff, Frank Dominguez, and Parker Harris.
  • In June 2004, the company’s IPO was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol CRM and raised US$110 million.
  • In October 2014, Salesforce announced the development of its Customer Success Platform to merge all the Salesforce’s services like sales, service, marketing, analytics, etc.
  • In 2017, Sales force launched a Facebook Analytics Tool.
  • In 2018, Sales force partnered with Apple for improving apps for businesses.
  • translated its services into 16 different languages. It currently has 82,400 regular customers and over 2,100,000 subscribers

Why Salesforce – Key Benefits :-

  • It is a complete feature-rich solution for marketing, sales, service, partner management, and community management.
  • Salesforce data is stored in the cloud so your team can use it from anywhere in the world with the help of an Internet connection.
  • It caters to the needs of small as well as medium to large organizations.
  • Salesforce works on a pay as you go, model so there are no overhead costs.
  • Increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.
  • Accelerates sales productivity.
  • Continuous optimization of campaigns can be done based on the market response and closure interaction with channel partners.

Salesforce Architecture :-

Trusted multitenant Cloud :-
1. In this component, multiple instances of one or more application operate separately in a shared environment.
2. The instances are known as tenants which separate from each other. Although, there are physically remain in the same hardware. It is called trusted as it offers a high level of security.

Scalable Metadata Platform:-This component helps you to customizations. It also allows you to increase the amount of data or concurrent user instances.

Enterprise Ecosystem :-The enterprise Ecosystem of Salesforce is quite big as many partners contribute by creating and maintaining in this platform.

Service Nature of Salesforce :-
Salesforce as SaaS (Software as a Service):- No installations, setup or download required. Just Log in and use software across the Cloud.

Salesforce as PaaS (Platform as a service):- In this kind of software service, no separate platform is required. You can use the developer’s code to create and deploy applications.

Salesforce as laaS (Infrastructure as a service):- No hardware or software installations needed as your data and applications are stored securely on the Salesforce cloud.

Mr. Arshad Hussain, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Applications, Career Point University, Kota

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