Simple Automatic System with Sprinkler Irrigation

Introduction- The sprinkler irrigation system is a crop irrigation method similar to rainfall. The system distributes water over the field surface by spraying it into the air and allowing it to fall on the soil like, similar to that of rain.
By spraying the water through small nozzles on the lateral pipe, the system provides a water rate according to crop needs. Moreover, the main purpose of a sprinkler system is to uniformly apply water by broadcasting in well-defined patterns.

According to the system’s components and the way they are used, the sprinkler system can be classified into the following types:
Portable lateral with sprinklers – moved as a whole
Semi-solid set – only sprinklers are moved
Dragline – only sprinklers and hoses are moved
Big gun – with portable supply pipe where gun and supply pipe are moved
Side-roll – moved as a whole
Permanent – solid set

If designed and operated properly, application efficiency of a sprinkler system can be 50-95 %. To provide the full system’s performance, a farmer needs to consider important parameters prior to the establishment. The sprinkler system a farmer will establish on his farmland depends not only on his financial ability but also on crop type, as well as several other aspects:

  • The field’s size, slope and shape
  • Cultural practices
  • Crop production management
  • System type
  • The amount and time needed to operate the system.

All of the above-mentioned parameters are important in considering prior to the establishment of a sprinkler system in order to provide successful irrigation management. Moreover, a farmer’s knowledge about crop needs and system operation are a great contributor to the overall crop production success.

Poor management (irrigating too soon or applying too much water) is the greatest cause of reduced water application efficiency when using sprinklers.

Ms. Surbhi Suman, Assistant Professor, School of Agricultural Science, Career Point University, Kota

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