Some of the Important Managing Tips for Animals During Rainy Season

Introduction- Protection of farm animals from inclement weather conditions of rainy season is of utmost importance as it will provide economic benefits to the farmers through maintenance of production of farm and will lead to the well-being of the animals. Hence, the aforementioned problems occurring during rainy season and their preventive measures must kept in mind by the livestock owner to prevent the animals from being stressed due to the inclement weather conditions, thus proving a boon for the prosperity of the farm. The livestock have now become an integral part of agricultural sector. Almost every farmer in the country rears livestock including Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Horse and Swine. Livestock rearing requires protecting the animals from inclement weather which maintains the level of production obtained from farm animals. Animals need a shelter from heavy rain, winds or hail. Some of the common problems faced by the livestock owners during rainy season and their preventive solutions are as follows:

Leaking Shed Roofs: – Water leaking in the animal shed affects the comfort of the animals. If shade is not clean enough, water leads to the production of chemicals such as ammonia, FMD, Coccidios If its concentration increases inside the shed.

Feeding: – Grass, which sprouts during rainy season contain lots of water and fiber. The water fills up the stomach and hence, it is virtually useless. This causes animals to pass watery dung during wet seasons.

Moisture: – Moisture present on ground produces a lot of bacteria that can cause diseases.

The Tick Problem: – Ticks spread faster in rainy season. Flies are also found in increased numbers in wet season out of which few flies are deadly like the flies.

Udder Diseases: – Diseases of udder become prevalent in this season. Dirty sheds during rainy season can cause mastitis.

Floor: – Slippery floor and floor with pebbles must be checked as the pebbles get lodged between the hooves of the animals.

Preventive measures required during rainy season:-
(i) Make the roof of livestock sheds leak-proof and clean.
(ii) Livestock owners must cut some of the young grass of rainy season and before feeding, dry it up in sunshine.
(iii) Deworming must be done in the beginning of the rainy season.
(v) Farm should be disinfected using a disinfectant regularly.
(vi) It must be made sure that feeds are stored in a dry place.

Mr. Brahmanand Bairwa, Assistant Professor, School of Agricultural Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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