The Importance of Family during COVID Crisis!

Introduction- We are living in a challenging and uncertain time of COVID 19. Our daily routine, lifestyle, and work-life have been affected in this lockdown. But amidst all, family plays a vital role in this pandemic COVID-19. It has reminded us the importance of family and gives us ample time to rethink our priorities.

Yes, I agree we are all living in our own shell, own world, own bubble where we have a very little time for others. Before this pandemic, we had little time for our family, our own near and dear ones… But in this difficult time, when life has become slow, we are forced to come out of our own zone. We have started to connect…. to care…. to feel for others..…Isn’t it amazing???

We have understood the importance of communication. After all, it is the only method to direct talk. So we all has shared our thoughts, our challenges, our problems with our family members and learned to get connected to each other. After all, family is the root of our survivability. We all know that… But when the actual time comes, do we really follow? This pandemic gives us a lesson to be connected with our root…..our family.

Supporting :
Due to this pandemic we can’t go anywhere, so we are bound to stay at home and ‘Stay Safe’ with our family members. In this difficult time, every member supports each other emotionally and mentally. We are fortunate enough to spend quality times with our family and make beautiful memories that can be cherished forever.

Parenting improve:
During this pandemic, parents have given their child more attention. They have more time to help their child in studying in online mode & homework. Children have spent quality time with working parents which they really long for the long time.

Stress Less:
In this pandemic, all family members come together to combat the after-effect of coronavirus. People have started to practice yoga and meditation for having a calm and resilient mind. We have become more health conscious and aware. We have started to follow a balance routine that would benefit our mind-body-spirit.

Relationship Improvement :
Lockdown helped members of families to eat together, spending maximum time together. We have witnessed each other’s pain and pleasure. And this is what the family is all about. Right? Relationship of every person in the family becomes better and stronger in this time. It would never be possible pre-COVID era, where we were living a fast-paced life.

At the end, all that I would say is that COVID has a vast impact on our economy and social lifestyle. But in some aspects, it has a good side also. It has opened our eyes. We have understood our age old tradition and value of family life. It helps to learn the importance of family and make some precious memories for family.

After all,
“Family is everything”
“Stay Safe and Stay together”

Ms. Ridam Dadhich, B.Sc. B.Ed. Bio II Year, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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