Open Source Cross-Platform API Testing Tool

Introduction- SoapUI is the world’s leading open-source testing platform. to create when you started a blog. It is the most widely used automation tool for testing web services and web APIs of SOAP and REST interfaces. It is a boon for testers to test functional and non-functional testing, such as automated testing, functional, load testing, regression, simulation and mocking without hindrance because its user interface is very simple to use. It supports various standard protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, REST, AMF, JDBC, SOAP, etc., that exchange information in structured data such as XML, plain text or JSON, etc. with the help of network services or web APIs in a computer.

Features of SOAP :
It is an important tool to test the Web domain, and it is an open-source, cross-platform as well as language independent that supports Eclipse, NetBeans, and IDEA.
It allows the testers to test functional, non-functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, compilation, and load testing on various Web services and APIs.

Architecture :

Test config files: The test config files are the configuration files that include test data, database connection, variables, expected results and any other environmental setup or test specific details.

Selenium : It is a Selenium JAR that uses UI automation.

Groovy : Groovy is a library that enables SoapUI to provide groovy as a scripting language to its users.

Third-party API: It is a third-party API that is used to create customized test automation frameworks.

Properties : These are the test requested properties files that are used to hold any dynamically generated data. The test property is also used in the configuration of SSL and other security configurations for test requests.

SoapUI Runner : It is used to run the SoapUI project. Test Report : A SoapUI generates a Junit test style report and user reporting utility to report test results.

Protocols and Technologies used in SoapUI

Mr. Arshad Hussain, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Applications, Career Point University, Kota

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