Waste Decomposer Need for Organic Farming

Introduction- India annually generates around 62 million tons of bio-waste. Per capita bio-waste generation 200gm to 600gm per day in cities in India. Waste decomposer performs as Biofertilizer, bioremediation and Soil Nutrition renovate as well. It supplies beneficial microbes for Soil Health Renovatorr, from Desi Cow Dung. As a plant safety agent it can regulate all kinds of soil borne, foliar diseases, insects and pests. It can be used in various ways such as quick composting of bio-waste, foliar spray as biopesticide against most of the plant diseases for all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Preparation of Waste Decomposer Solution:-
For the preparation of 200 liters waste decomposer take a plastic drum having capacity of 200 liter of water then take 1litre waste decomposer, 200 liter water and 2kg jaggery. Now jaggery mixed with water in a plastic drum after mixing add 1 liter waste decomposer and mixed the same. Then cover the drum and stir the solution every day twice. It will take 5-7 day for ready. After 5-7 day solution color turn creamy it means it is ready for use.

Methods of Uses:-
1. Seed Treatment
2. In-Situ Composting of Crop Residue
3. Composting
4. Foliar spray
5. With drip irrigation

Advantages :-
1. It improves physical and biological properties of soil.
3. To increase the earthworm population.
4. Using the reclamation of acidic and alkaline soil.
5. By the use of waste decomposer it control the various pests and disease in cereals as well as vegetable and fruit crops.
6. It also used in for different soil and seed borne diseases.
7. Decomposer is quickly decomposed the biomass.

Mr .Rohit Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, School of Agriculture Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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