What is Coronasomnia?

Introduction- Coronasomnia is characterized by an increase in sleep problems during the pandemic, as well as symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. While insomnia is often linked to anxiety & depression, coronasomnia differs from traditional insomnia because it’s related to COVID-19 pandemic.

EPIDEMIOLOGY: Prior to the pandemic, about 24% of people suffered from sleep maintenance insomnia. During the pandemic, that increased to 40%. Among individuals with sleep onset insomnia, or difficulty falling asleep in the first place, the prevalence jumped from 15% to 42%. Overall, experts estimate the number of people with any form of insomnia has increased 37% from pre-pandemic levels.

1 Increased stress level
2. Increased symptoms of anxiety & depression
3. Delayed sleep schedules
4. Impaired concentration
5. Impaired focus
6. Poor mood

1. Patients with COVID-19
2. Frontline workers
3. Unpaid caregivers
4. Essential workers
5. Women
6. Young adults

1. Increased stress
2. Loss of daily routine
3. Increased media consumption

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene – Stick to a regular sleep schedule & get your daily dose of sunlight.
Establish Your Daily Routines – Routines provide our brains with cues for when eat, work, feel alert & feel tired.
Relieve Your Stress – stress makes sleep difficult.
Exercise Everyday – it contributes to more restful sleep.
Clear mind at bed time – mind is overloaded with too much information, so put it on paper & don’t keep swirling once you are all tucked in.

The effects of COVID-19, such as the prevalence of the virus in hospital settings as well as an increased workload, are likely to be present for quite some time still. Prioritizing sleep & your well-being & combining this with good practices of nutrition, physical activity & mental health care will be important to prevent burnout & fatigue and the risk of the more negative effects associated with contracting the virus.

Ms. Harshika Gupta, BPT – III Year, Department of Physiotherapy, School Of Health & Allied Sciences, Career Point University, Kota

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